We connect with each other through music. It’s how we tell a story or travel back in time to relive a distant memory. It makes us feel and grow. It takes us on a journey.

Thanks to an upbringing in a family of musicians where song constantly filled our home, I learned to live and breathe music early on. An appreciation for the art of all music, regardless of genre, was passed down, and it stuck with me for life.

As an artist myself, I express my creativity by working with other artists to transform their vision for their music into reality.

Producing a record right takes more than just pressing record. I believe in slowing down to honor the creative process. This takes giving each song the time and experimentation deserved to be sure every detail feels right – from the vibe to the instruments to the beat.

To make music that moves people and causes an emotional reaction, I become deeply invested in the work I take on. I obsess over every detail and develop a personal relationship with each client to fully understand the place where songs were birthed – and where they should be headed.

Developing the life of a song with an artist from a writing session to the final product – and all the critical steps in between – can be a draining process. But if you don’t put enough into your music, how can you expect people to get something out of it?

I am at my best working with a client on a project from its evolution. I pour my heart into the creative process helping my clients create music that makes people think, move and feel. No matter where you are in your next project, I would love to hear about your ideas and vision for your next song, album or live recording over a cup of coffee or phone chat.

Drop me a line at info@williamsmithIV.com to connect.